[svelt-kraft, sfelt-krahft  
The art / trade of optimizing processes, specifically the automation of time consuming business tasks for niche business models.


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SvelteCraft is a collaboration of industry professionals with a variety of skills encompassing project management, logistics, programming, marketing, and engineering.  Our focus is to provide you with the expertise you need to further improve your business model, lower costs, and improve profitability.  We maintain a high quality, dynamic, and flexible team to surpass your every niche business need. 


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Talk without results is only wind...

Results are where the rubber hits the road! See what we have done for some of our customers to improve their bottom-line!


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In today's markets, a entrepreneur has to provide products and services that are outside of the scope of massive online institutions or their brick and mortar counter-parts. Consequently, those individuals often find that software and technology is just not available that fits their particular business needs. Every moment a entrepreneur spends trying to boot-strap various solutions together, is a moment that they could be making money. Such solutions ultimately take up significant time to maintain as well as lead to unnecessary complexity and loss of manpower hours following convoluted processes. Often times, these complexities force key personnel to undertake more and more mundane tasks because 'noone else knows how everything goes together' instead of leaving them free to continue to expand and improve your business.


We here at SvelteCraft are here to help! Your innovation is what has made you successful to this point... and we can help you harness it! Our developers, engineers and project managers can work with you to assess your current business workflow and identfy where and how we can save you time and lower your operational costs while improving your business effectiveness.


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